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Art and Framing for Professionals

Interior designers, art consultants and artists receive a 15% overall discount. If you are working with a non-profit or charity we kick it up to 20%.

Volume ordering of 6 or more pieces using the same materials will get you a 20% discount as well. It gets better the bigger the volume.

If you are in need of art and framing services call us! We'll have a brief conversation. We'll ask a few key questions. We'll help you find the right art for your space within your budget without obligation or commitment.

Art. Yours, ours and yes... a client's!!
Framing. Ours of course, but we'll accommodate!!
Delivered and installed. We offer, your choice!!

We are Lee and Beth a husband and wife team. We are seasoned, intuitive gallery directors and picture framing designers who have a long history of a shared life in the arts and picture framing business together. Our motto is ~ Beautify with ease and we do! Call us anytime or bring your works into the gallery and have a conversation with us without obligation.


Home: Setting the mood for your sanctuary from room to room. We'll ask the right questions and listen. We'll help you find the right professional to enhance your personal style without cliche or being too matchy matchy. Visual aesthetics is one of our strengths.

Corporate and Small Business: First impressions are essential. Convey the message you wish to convey from the front desk to your inner office. Our seasoned consultants and interior designers will guide you through the process of supporting your brand with visuals. We are timely and handle all aspects of the operation from finding the right art consulting professional to affordable custom framing to installation. This enables us to give you more for your budget!

Employee workspace: An environment that supports and inspires is invaluable to your bottom line. Whatever they do, it can be done better. Art can help from an inviting reception desk to an invigorating work floor to an inspiring rest-bit for a break room. Having supportive imagery is important for attitude and wellbeing.

Office Space: What does your framed degree, diploma or award say about you? Does your law or medical doctorate or finance degree say big box off the shelf readymade framing? Ouch. Then again you don't want it to say slick and fancy, or oversized and ostentatious either! How about conveying a message of professionalism with a touch of personal style. And they thought they knew you... call us.

Why?: Take a look around the next time you step into a place of business. There is a tangible difference in those who do and those who don't.

Where, When, and How: We'll travel to you and bring samples and catalogs of everything you need to feel comfortable and in good hands. We'll take a look around and ask a few key questions to understand the space and your needs. It will take an hour or less. The first hour to your site is free. We'll work within your budget and time frame for everything else. We haven't disappointed anyone yet. We have a long list of happy customers leading productive lives in right spaces. Again, we handle every aspect from consultation to producing the framed art to delivery and installation.