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Picture Framing

In our custom picture framing space we are delighted to offer you an enlivening and fun way to enhance your experience of picture framing at a fantastic price. Come see how easy it can be to find the perfect style you desire and have your art convey the message you wish to convey with charm, confidence and personality in the comfort of our light filled gallery setting. With preservation in mind we offer conservation materials for your treasured art work. Damaged works on paper or canvas in need of some TLC can be cleaned and restored with our in-house restoration services.

We offer consultation, pick up, delivery and installation of artwork. Whether you are a large corporation, small business office or it's your own personal home setting we have a long standing history of success with lots of experience with any and all of your art needs.

Restoration of works of art needing some TLC can be restored in our in-house restorations. Old yellowed flaking varnish or smoke and soot damaged works on canvas can be cleaned and brought new life. Canvas tears or missing paint can be fixed and look like the original once again. For paper needing restoration from foxing and acidic staining from wood backings or old mats can be lightened and given a ph balanced environment for proper care.

You'll be amazed and comforted with our expertise and knowledge when it comes to design and value. We always do the right thing for your treasured art work all within your budget and a fast turnaround time. All with our 100% workmanship guarantee.

In our comfortable, reassuring gallery, we find it a joy to exhibit a high standard of fine art in many mediums and styles by more than 25 established local artists. We are looking forward to keeping you connected for many more years. Check out our gallery page for a sampling of the work. Please call us to ask for prices and availability.

We offer artists a 15% overall discount on all and any framing needs. We also offer a 10% overall discount to those who hold a Boy Scouts discount card, which you can find and purchase at Pat's Pizza here in Yarmouth. Or, ask us about our policy on volume discounts for multiple orders and we'll be happy to arrange something for you.

Yarmouth Frame and Gallery at 720 Rt 1, Yarmouth, Maine

Inside Yarmouth Frame and Gallery, showing frame samples on the wall

Restoration services available at Yarmouth Frame and Gallery

Gallery space inside Yarmouth Frame and Gallery

Lee and Beth, owners of Yarmouth Frame and Gallery